I’ve been working with Disney on Ice for the past month or so. Today ended the weekend’s run in Long Island. Our photo studio has been set up right next to one of the concession stands and since they have about 4 days off before next showing whatever is left food wise is thrown out or given away to other staff members.

I haven’t had cotton candy in about 10 years…at least…Needless to say I’m on quite the sugar rush right now and I’ve barely made a dent in the bag! I decided that this had to be the subject of my 365 photo for today!

Cotton candy always seems to bring back childhood memories of things like Disney on Ice or the circus which have been my last two jobs ha! My parents both say they hate the smell of it so of course I’ve been rubbing it in their faces…what else does a good daughter do?!

Your thoughts are more than welcome and greatly encouraged!

Cotton Candy 10/365


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